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Closing the Minnesota Workforce Gap - United Means Jobs For All

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It is a privilege to be in the business of matching great people with great jobs as we support our clients across the Twin Cities.  Our success - and that of our clients - is dependent upon having a deep pool of well trained, diverse, experienced and AVAILABLE job seekers ready to join our teams.

And - as an employer in Minnesota - I have to say that I'm worried.

Jobs For All Campaign

Creatis + Greater Twin Cities United Way = Jobs For All


Did you know that by 2024, it’s projected that Minnesota will have 400,000 jobs requiring skill and education beyond high school that will go unfilled? And because of this increasing workforce shortage and the economic disparities in Minnesota, communities of color have been particularly affected in terms of access to training resources and assistance in finding the right employment.

That’s why, as part of our Creatis Cares program, we’ve joined forces with the Greater Twin Cities United Way to promote their Jobs for All campaign. This campaign raises money for proven local job training programs to help people gain and leverage their skills to find meaningful work, which in turn will help fill the growing gaps in the Minnesota workforce.

We are proud to have contributed $5,000 in a matching donation.

With our help, Jobs for All has raised over $13,000 in support! That $13,000 means more training for high-demand industries, employment search kits, interview tips and more for dozens of job seekers in this community.

This campaign goes to show that when organizations in this community are living and giving united, we can do amazing things to ensure that job seekers have the skills to enter the workforce and fill employers needs.

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