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Case Study: Best Buy

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Richard M. Schulze

Hubert Joly
President & CEO

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Describing the Company

Best Buy Co., Inc. is North America’s number one specialty retailer of consumer electronics, personal computers, entertainment software and appliances.

Defining the Problem

In the fast-paced retail industry, responsive marketing and advertising departments are necessary in order to complete projects quickly and make urgent changes.

In Best Buy’s progressive environment, quick-turn projects subject to many content and design changes are the norm. And in the fall, when Best Buy gears up for the busy holiday season, managers must solve an even heavier workload without increasing staff size.

Finding the Solution

The signage you see in Best Buy stores. The 48-page inserts you pull from your Sunday newspapers. The content you read on All are Best Buy programs completed with the help of Creatis employees.

At any given time, 20–40 Creatis art directors, graphic designers, writers and production professionals work across multiple departments at Best Buy. Within certain teams and departments, Creatis employees often match the number of full-time Best Buy employees, especially during holiday seasons.

Part of the staffing solution is an on-site Creatis relationship manager, who meets twice a week with Best Buy managers to discuss upcoming needs, and to monitor and support the performance of Creatis employees.

When Best Buy goes through organizational changes, Creatis is there to help the transition flow smoothly. During these turbulent times, Creatis employees help maintain stability and consistency by being quick and flexible resources. As a result, some Creatis employees have become full-time Best Buy employees because the organization sees them as essential in meeting long-term company goals.

Measuring the Results

  • Fluctuating and seasonal workloads are met with well-screened and trained Creatis professionals who match the Best Buy culture and project requirements.
  • Initiatives are completed by quick learners with a high level of attention to detail and working knowledge of the retail industry.
  • Reliable employees from Creatis are often awarded leadership roles, managing large programs from start to finish. Best Buy managers can then focus more attention on strategic planning and new initiatives.
  • The stability of employing long-term professionals, along with fresh, new talent, among a large and diverse Creatis talent pool allows Best Buy to be prepared for seasonal fluctuations with proven experience and efficiency.

“In retail, you’re always running ahead of the fire. It’s fast-paced, you work hard to get clear direction, and changes come by the minute. I’ve used other staffing firms, but Creatis people fit so well within our environment. They jump in, no matter what level, and I’ve also seen good friendships develop. I think Creatis spends more time interviewing people for the right fit.”

Christine Mueller
Design Lead for New Business

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