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Coming Full Circle

One of the best parts of my job is that I get to do a lot of lunches with people to talk about Creatis.  Not only does this energize me (my 'off-the-chart' E of my Myers Briggs profile loves this) but it also gives me a wonderful excuse to reconnect with some of my favorite people from previous jobs.

penny for blog

If you've been lucky like I have, you have a wonderful group of people in your professional life who just keep coming back around to you again and again like a GOOD penny!

These are the people that you just clicked with when you met them. The ones you LOVED to work with. These are the people that you keep 'dragging with you' as you move from company to company. The ones you consistently seek out year after year for advice or a connection. Those special people who you can re-connect with after 5 years and pretty much pick up where you left off.

Thank Goodness The LPGA Didn’t Call.

As you may have guessed – I am an avid golfer.  So much so that many of my colleagues have encouraged me over the years to go find a marketing job in the golf industry.  “You’d be perfect!” was a common thing I’d hear.  “You love marketing. You love golf. You fancy yourself above average in both. It’s a real no-brainer.”

But for some reason I didn’t want my personal passion to be my work passion – if that makes any sense.  Probably because if my golf game went to hell and I began to hate the game I now love, I’d also start to hate my job and then I’d be left with nothing!


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