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Always Wondered Why I Had To Pick Just Two.

Over the course of my 30-year career in marketing, I've had the privilege (and pain) of managing many large and small marketing, CRM, customer database and web projects working with some very talented IT and Project Management professionals.  One thing I often heard was, "Well, Kathy, you can have it cheap, you can have it fast, or you can have it done right. Which two do you want?"

To tell you the truth, I always thought that question was a bit lame and just a way for my IT/PM colleagues to have an 'out' in case the project didn't go well.  I've since learned that it is actually rooted in the Project Management Triangle (also called the Triple Constraint or Iron Triangle) which depicts the typical constraints of time, cost and quality that projects like these have. 

Now I certainly am smart enough to 'get' that all projects or marketing initiatives are managed within certain constraints. That trade-offs are sometimes required.  But why force me to pick two of these conditions?  "I mean, c'mon," I'd say. "Surely we can at least START the work talking about how we can collectively complete the project quickly, within budget and with great results, right?!"

Of course I learned over time that unfortunately trade-offs are often required in business, and that being good at making the RIGHT trade-offs was a skill that I had to quickly develop to be successful as a business leader.

And that's what I always loved as a previous client of Creatis - no trade-offs were required!  The Creatis business model is specifically built to deliver ALL three of these at once to clients - providing high qualify resources, available right when you need them and at a "no-excess" cost that keeps you within budget.

High quality. Right Now. No Waste.  Perfect!  Because why settle for just two when you really can have all three with Creatis?!


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