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Case Study: Thrivent Financial®

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Describing the Company

Thrivent Financial provides insurance and investment products for its members, helping them achieve financial security while giving back to their congregations and communities.

Defining the Problem

The creation of ads and collateral pieces for Thrivent’s nationwide network of financial representatives was originally managed and executed by an internal team. But the burden of constant and varied requests for custom marketing pieces from around the country became too much of a strain on the department’s staff and budget. With the added demand of other high-profile projects, Thrivent struggled to stay responsive, maintain a consistent look and message, and keep the cost per piece low.

Finding the Solution

In 2003, Creatis developed an affordable and effective solution. The former complex process has been replaced with a streamlined, turnkey marketing program that includes the design, management, execution and tracking of customized ad and collateral pieces. Requests from the field now receive a quick response, while maintaining brand standards and lowering costs.

Approximately 300 customized collateral pieces are created for Thrivent each month. Requests from representatives come directly to Creatis via a Web intranet portal. Individual marketing pieces are produced and then sent electronically, by mail or FedEx. Template ads are delivered within 48 hours. Custom projects are completed within 1–2 weeks, including the management of compliance and marketing reviews required by Thrivent.

The solution provides more than a seamless process and quality work at lower costs. Thrivent also enjoys the great customer service they receive with every piece produced. By taking the time to fully understand what’s most important, Creatis employees have become a vital part of the Thrivent team.

Measuring the Results

  • Improved turn-around time on all template projects, previously between 5–7 days, now within 48 hours.
  • Reduced cost per piece by more than 40%.
  • Strengthened brand consistency while ensuring quality and accuracy.
  • Increased capacity and focus for the Thrivent creative services team. Employees now have more time to devote to new product marketing and collateral production.

“Creatis has become an extension of my creative staff. They worked with us to create a great process for dealing with the fluctuation in volume and tracking down changes and issues that naturally come up in a program of this complexity. The marketing department is very pleased.”

Gene Smaciarz
Director of Creative Services

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