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Megan Henderleiter

Marketing Strategist & Program Manager

2021 Core Value Award Winner


Creatis Employee Since: 

October 2016

Client Supported:


Be Excellent Core Value:

How you do anything is how you do everything – so strive for excellence. Aim higher in your work and conduct. Show up to work with your best self every day. Accept feedback and let it make you better.

Why Megan?

Megan has transitioned into several roles throughout her time at Optum with Creatis, taking on ever-changing responsibilities with a smile and a sense of determination to do things with excellence. Her teammates and supervisors at Optum have all spoken so highly of who Megan is and how quickly she became an instrumental part of their team — bringing a level of excellence and marketing savvy to her day-to-day work that's invaluable. 

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