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Ema Adams

Account Management Associate

2021 Core Value Award Winner


Creatis Employee Since: 

February 2020

Client Supported:

Creatis Staffing (Target Account)

Do What's Right Core Value:

Check your ego at the door. Ask the tough questions and make the hard decisions for the best outcome and greater good, but don’t do it without heart. Find the right balance of needs — yours and the client's.

Why Ema?

Ema is always there to help, sometimes before you even know you need it! She has a sixth sense for what needs to get done and how to do it quickly and effectively. Ema provides solutions and resources with a smile and the sense of urgency that her Staffing teammates appreciate. Whether it's trouble-shooting an internal process, identifying viable candidates for a hard-to-fill contract, or providing clear communication to clients, Ema is that unique and empathic person who does what's right for everyone she interacts with.

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