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To Thine Own Strengths Be True - Do Your Best By Knowing What You Do Best

You don't need a guru to tap into your untapped potential. You're the best person to help yourself; you just need to know where to find your strengths. That's the central conceit of Tom Rath's bestselling book, "Strengths Finder 2.0". It's about rethinking how we see ourselves - both personally and professionally. Instead of focusing on perceived shortcomings - what you're not - you must focus on what you are and further, what you're innately best at in order to find the right career fit. You can be the best you and employee by focusing your natural talents and energy in the right places. 

As Shakespeare once wrote, "To thin own self be true." I'd like to think he was talking about Strengths Finder 2.0 and just didn't know it.

When I took the assessment a few years ago, I was shocked at how accurate it seemed. Upon taking the assessment (which is like a fun, well-designed survey all about your instincts/feelings), Strengths Finder delivers 5 major words with in-depth descriptions that reveal your personality and work style. I credit Strengths Finder 2.0 and Creatis for helping me land my current position as a Marketing/Content Specialist, which is a great fit for me. I've even got them on a post-it note near my desk. 

Here are my 5 main strengths:

  • Restorative
  • Adaptability
  • Harmony
  • Responsibility
  • Deliberative

How do I utilize this knowledge? It shows me that I am good at anticipating & considering what a colleague needs, making deliberate & thoughtful creative choices, and keeping a level-head about work that needs to get done. In this way, I'm able to be a service-oriented teammate who get things done well and on-time. And it turns out these things are also essential for both my job responsibilities and Creatis employees. 

I like to return to and reflect on these traits because it helps me see where I align with the Creatis, my job duties and career path. Understanding my strengths helped me make a job transition a few years ago. I would encourage anyone who hasn't done this - especially Creatis employees - to try it out! Take the Clifton Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment and compare your strengths next to your job responsibilities or company's values. Do they align? If not, where and why? 

I'm not trying "pat myself on the back" so much as illustrate how great a professional opportunity can be when the fit is right. I know from firsthand experience that Creatis prioritizes finding the right fit for our employees in the home office and on-site with our clients. The right fit means more than just having the skillset to the do the job - but also the intangibles, a.k.a the strengths - that an employee brings to the table.

We take our time when hiring a person to ensure they're a value match as well as an expert creative/markerter. Before our employees even meet a client or go to an interview, we've done the homework to know that they can be a cultural and skill level match for the client. Creatis employees who embody these core values have the most success serving our clients, too - and in return get a lot of value from the work they do, because they're good at it and enjoy doing it. 
That can make all the difference in forging long-term partnerships and shared success. 

So whether you're in a permanent role, an ongoing engagement or on the job hunt, take a little time to find your strengths. I promise it'll make an impact on your life and career.

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