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Wearing Your Best Interview "Costume" - Insights on Marketing Yourself

We all know that wearing new clothes to work or getting a haircut can improve your posture and even productivity. But the magic isn’t in the clothes or the haircut, it’s in the confidence those treats inspire in you; a little self-care can give you an edge, and it can have a major impact on your career, especially when you’re job hunting.

It isn't realistic to buy new clothes for every interview, but the spirit of this idea always works. You can treat yourself on a budget. Doing something that makes you feel good about yourself is empowering, and that empowerment translates in a big way when you’re trying to convince an interviewer that you’re the absolute right fit for the job. 

In a way, preparing for a job interview is kind of like dressing up for Halloween.

But your “interview costume” isn’t just the clothes you wear or your makeup or hairstyle, but also – and most importantly – it’s the sum of how you present YOU to the interviewer. Your preparedness, personality, resume, communication style, knowledge of the company and role you’re seeking, and yes, how you present your appearance.

Preparing for a job interview is kind of like dressing up for Halloween.

At Creatis, I've interviewed hundreds of people to see if they’d be good fits for our team. I became pretty skilled at reading people based on short interactions and predict who would make the best Creatis employees – individuals who embodied our core values. People who were ethical and service-oriented, great teammates, and expert marketers.

While it’s not always easy for oft-humble, reserved Midwesterners like us to really sell our skills and personality – it’s a very important part of the interview process. I’ve struggled with this in the past: “How do I talk about myself in a way that explains my expertise without sounding, too…braggy?”

The most memorable people I interviewed articulated their skills/experience quickly and effectively; they were engaging and informed, made eye contact, and asked thoughtful follow-up questions. These people projected confidence in their abilities and the kindness critical to working as part of a creative team. That’s where the Creatis values really come together. Doing good and being excellent in all phases of employment. 

In short, these standouts had their “Interview Costume” perfected. You can also perfect yours, just in time for Halloween 😉. I would encourage those of you job searching and interviewing to take time to consider how you're presenting yourself. The way you market YOU truly matters to a potential employer.

Are you job hunting right now? The Creatis Staffing team would love to meet you. Apply now to get started! 

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