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Staying Motivated in This Seasonal Limbo

Seasonal Limbo

As we stick out the last dregs of February, we enter my least favorite time of year: the drawn-out limbo between winter and spring in Minnesota. It's not yet warm enough to ditch our overcoats, there's not much greenery, and everything feels uncomfortably damp.

This slushy limbo is where I'm at mentally as well as physically. I don't know if it's a mild, persistent case of Seasonal affective disoder or the exhaustion of another season spent sheltering at home without much human contact, but finding motivation is a struggle for me right now.  

Yes, an effective COVID vaccine gives me hope, but waiting for the rollout is honestly, very irritating. I have to remind myself to practice gratitude, because I am grateful to be working and living during a time where I can stay connected to people through technology and pay my bills. 

At a recent virtual Creatis team meeting, the primary topic of conversation was motivation. What motivates us, and how do we keep ourselves motivated while working remotely? I was comforted to discover that many on our team were also struggling through this limbo, wondering, Seriously, when will this end? We may be in our separate work spaces, but we're not going through this alone. If you feel a lack of motivation, chances are good that others feel it too. It's a human response to this enduring and uncertain time in history. 

But while it's good to get in your feelings, it's then essential to accept how you feel and then try to move toward a better place. Motivation doesn't just appear like a parrot on your shoulder who squaks at you to get moving. You have to first put yourself in the position to BE motivated. It starts with showing up.

Snap Out of the Funk

Here are ways that each of our team shared to break out of the seasonal funk while we continue to work from home. 

  • Break Your Day Up—Schedule in breaks, errands and little things to look forward to throughout your workday.
  • Move a Little or a Lot—Withouth fail, getting up to move or do yoga or a short cardio workout is scientifcally proven to help you feel more energized and motivated, on the spot! 
  • Keep Things Light—Connect with your colleagues outside of work meetings, over a virtual happy hour or online game night. Here are some teambuilding games that can be done via Zoom:
  • Bundle Up and Get Outside—It's not warm enough for shorts (for most of us!), but a short walk in the fresh-air can help reset your brain and mood.
  • Ask for Help When You Need It—Lean on your support network, colleagues, friends, family.
  • Upskill—If you find yourself with downtime, read-up on a professional skill that you've always wanted to learn, watch a short tutorial video on YouTube, try to master the basics of some new skill by starting small.

If you’re dreaming of a new career or job this year, Creatis is always hiring value-oriented marketing professionals for a host of exciting positions across industries. 

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