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It's Deadline O'Clock Somewhere

Deadlines in marketing can be unforgiving — they might look like distant stars at the outset of a project, but when you're a few precious hours from your due-date, they can start to feel like a flashlight shined directly into your eyes.

We all deal with looming deadlines at work — both flexible and inflexible ones. You've likely got more than one deadline you're working toward right now; whether that's responding to an email, writing a blog, completing a report, designing a logo or proofreading a document. Without cutoffs, our jobs would look a lot more like that of a domestic cat's. Although the frequent naps would be nice at first, we humans are hard-wired to move, do and complete projects.

At Creatis, Doing What's Right for our clients means delivering excellent work that's on-time. Delivering on-time work is a key business ethic — following through on what you say you'll do when you say you'll do it. Time management is a learned-skill that any of us (even the greatest procrastinators among us!) can improve at. Here are a few tips to cleanly hit your work deadlines. 

  • Make a Priorities List
    • What absolutely needs to be done first? Then what after that? Breakdown your to-dos into smaller-units and attack one by one.
  • Give Yourself "Soft" Mini-Deadlines Along the Way
    • Work backwards from the due-date, set-up mini-deadlines in your calendar with manageable goals. 
  • Take Breaks!
    • Letting your mind reset is crucial - find whatever helps you destress or laugh for a few minutes and then dive back into your work.
  • Use a Project Management Tool
  • With a Little Help From Your Colleagues
    • If you're struggling with a deadline, talk to your colleagues, go to your support network, sometimes an outside perspective can help motivate you to get things done. 

We're hiring deadline-makers! Apply to start your career jouney with Creatis: Work at Creatis

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