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5 Tips to Ace Your Video Interview

COVID-19 has shaken up the way we do business, shifting most practices to digital platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Slack chat. 

Job seekers have also had to adjust to a changing hiring process. From the application to the interview to orientation and onboarding, candidates and some employees may never step foot in a physical office before or after they start working. 

One of the benefits for candidates is that employers are moving through their hiring process faster. The window for hiring new employees has shrunk over the course of the pandemic. Our Staffing team is seeing employers hire candidates within one to two interviews, as opposed to three or four.  For contract or temporary positions, a candidate can apply, interview, and be hired in just a couple of days! This is a benefit to job seekers applying for more than one job, but it also can create stress.

The speed of the virtual hiring process places lot of significance on the interview portion of the hiring process. Employers want to know quickly whether a candidate is right for their job. From the candidate perspective, to go from interviewing in person to showcasing yourself and meeting employers through a screen isn't always easy. Our Account Management Team knows what it takes to best position yourself for an open position. Following these expert tips can help you stand out. 

5 Tips for Acing Video Interviews

  • Tidy Up
    • Is your computer's camera picking up a stack of dirty dishes in your kitchen sink? How about laundry strewn acrocss the floor? The first rule of Zoom is to tidy up what's in frame. You could also try the blurred background fuction. Check it out here.
    • Tidying up also applies to what you're wearing on camera. For a professional interview, consider wearing a top or shirt that you might wear to an in-person interview for this position. And as always, please put on some pants! You never know when you might need to unexpectedly stand up.
  • Test It Out
    • Don't go into the video interview without first testing the environment and technology. Find the best and quietest spot in your home, where you won't be interrupted. 
    • Testing out the technology on your computer beforehand can help eliminate unexpected audio or video issues. Peace of mind is worth the extra time it takes to test it out!
  • Pick Two Projects
    • If you've secured the interview, that means the employer already thinks the experience you bring to the table could make you successful in their open role.  The interview is your best chance to prove to convince them you are the best fit. Set yourself apart by preparing to talk about two (or three) projects you've completed that are relevant to the role you're interviewing for. Try to pepper in words and phrases found in the job description for the position, if it feels natural.
    • Think about it in a brief storytelling format: Beginning, Middle, End. Background for the project, how you worked on the project, and your role in the final project delivery or completion.
  • Get Ready for the Ambiguity Question
    • Our staffing and recruiting team knows many hiring managers who now ask candidates if they can adapt to ambiguity during an interview. This is because workspaces keep evolving as the uncertainty of the pandemic continues. Are you able to work independently to get projects done? Can you communicate clearly online? Can you effectively collaborate with a team in a totally virtual working environment? Before the interview, write down a few times you've handled uncertain situations in your work or personal life. Your answers can help reveal your intangible traits, including your ability to adapt to changing workplace demands. 
  • Always Ask Questions!  
    • Hiring managers will always offer an opportunity for you to ask questions during an interview. They are not just being nice! Not asking a question is out of the question. On the day of your interview, set aside 30 minutes beforehand to reflect on the job description and the company's online presence. Even simply asking, "What are the next steps in your hiring process?" is a good start. Don't be afraid to be bold and ask about your potential supervisor's management style or the company's mission or the kind of technology they use to do business. Asking questions shows that you're interested, thoughtful and also that you want to make sure the job is the best fit for your skills. 

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